Chapter One…



Chapter One

Alonzo Bonetti had been dead for exactly two hundred days when his widow, Frankie, bought the fixer-upper on Cottage Street. Unloved and unappreciated, the house spoke to Frankie’s heart, asking for a second chance. And Frankie’s heart said yes…

Curious yet?


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Frankie’s Heart : I’ve Got it Covered!

A few weeks ago, my editor at Black Lyon asked for my input on what I envisioned for a cover for Frankie’s Heart. The story is about so many things that I had trouble pinpointing what to focus on for the cover. I emailed back with some vague ideas about a dark- haired woman (Frankie), some flowers (romance), or maybe some butterflies (a spirit’s rebirth) lol. Thank God for my wonderful publisher, who was able to take the heart of the story, find the perfect art to represent it, and create a cover that is all that I envisioned Frankie’s Heart to be. I absolutely love this cover, and this story, and I hope you will, too!


Frankie's Heart Cover


Thank you, God. For rivers in the desert. For this man, and this moment, and new beginnings, she prayed.

Recently widowed, Frankie Bonetti bought an unloved fixer-upper house that spoke to her heart, asking for a second chance. And Frankie’s heart said yes.

Now her heart is saying yes to a once-in-a-lifetime love.

Tracy Johanson also knows the pain of loss on several levels. A genius with woodwork, he’s good at nearly everything except forgiving himself. With Tracy’s head at war with his heart, God is about to step in, and through Frankie, guide him onto a new path, a new future, and a blessed reconciliation with his estranged son in the most destined of ways…


Look for it soon in e-book and paperback!




Wow, I feel like an expectant mother with her first ultrasound scheduled.

Just got word from my publisher that I should have a peek at my cover art for Frankie’s Heart by this weekend!!

It’s like after months and months of living with this “child” inside my head, I will soon be able to see it’s face!

Can’t wait to see what Black Lyon Publishing comes up with this time.

Stay tuned. I know you’re going to love it…