Heatherfield Released In Audio!

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The Dragonfly Has Landed — In Audio!

Exciting news! My literary love story, In The Shadow of the Dragonfly, has just been released as an audio book at audible.com !




From above the shadows … light.

Orphaned and impoverished, Gray Baldwin is a lost soul in search of a home, a life and most of all—love. Kicked from foster home to foster home, at last a restored motorcycle and the onset of adulthood give him the means to leave behind all the old threats, struggles and losses that haunt him. When he accepts a job at Hanwell Construction, life’s promising new start is both his hope and his torment.


The spoiled daughter of a well-to-do business owner, pretty Hope Hanwell has a past to reconcile and a few tragic secrets of her own. She wants for nothing—and everything, pushing love as far away as she can until love pushes back. When Gray and Hope meet, theirs is a story of heartbreak, redemption and fate at its most devastating.

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Though I’ve been quiet, here in Blogland, for the past couple of months, my “real life” has been anything but.  I’ve been making all sorts of changes and re-arranges.

Four and a half years ago, a major life change caused me to move to Southern Ohio. It’s been lovely.

I bought a cute little house. I joined a wonderful church. I found a job I loved.

But this summer, the news that I am soon going to be a grandma started the wheels of change turning in my life again, because how could I bear to be eight hours away from my son, his beautiful family, and my very first grandchild?

Truth is, I couldn’t.

So, after much thought, planning and prayer…


I sold my cute little house.

missy breakfast

Said goodbye to my wonderful church family.



And the job and people I have come to love

And headed back to New York.


Where I was promptly greeted by 12″ of snow!


But it’s ok. I’ll readjust!

After two full weeks, I’m still finding my way, figuring out how I fit into my new city, my new roles, my new life, but I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be.

And it’s good to be home!