Frankie’s Heart Released on Audio Today!

I’m excited to share the news! Frankie’s Heart is now available as an audio book!





Though I’ve been quiet, here in Blogland, for the past couple of months, my “real life” has been anything but.  I’ve been making all sorts of changes and re-arranges.

Four and a half years ago, a major life change caused me to move to Southern Ohio. It’s been lovely.

I bought a cute little house. I joined a wonderful church. I found a job I loved.

But this summer, the news that I am soon going to be a grandma started the wheels of change turning in my life again, because how could I bear to be eight hours away from my son, his beautiful family, and my very first grandchild?

Truth is, I couldn’t.

So, after much thought, planning and prayer…


I sold my cute little house.

missy breakfast

Said goodbye to my wonderful church family.



And the job and people I have come to love

And headed back to New York.


Where I was promptly greeted by 12″ of snow!


But it’s ok. I’ll readjust!

After two full weeks, I’m still finding my way, figuring out how I fit into my new city, my new roles, my new life, but I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be.

And it’s good to be home!