Shadow Lake


A week ago today the groundhog saw his shadow, which means we’re in for at least five more weeks of winter. No surprise there. It’s been an exceptionally cold and snowy winter, and though we seem to have been granted a reprieve for the last couple of days, the weatherman says there’s more single-digit weather and plenty of snow on the way. I don’t know how my non-writing neighbors deal with being weekend shut-ins. Me, I fire up the pellet stove, put on the coffee, and take myself away.

As luck would have it, I’m currently working on a series entitled “Love On The Lake,” and so my current work in progress is a summertime story. And better yet, a lake story. As I sit huddled beneath my down comforter, my characters are enjoying starlit nights and sunny days with leisurely strolls on sandy beaches. That’s not to say that all is placid at Shadow Lake. Not even close. Love triangles, bitchy ex-wives, spine-tingling danger, even a recalcitrant teen – it’s all in there and believe me, the sparks are flying!

Ahhh, but Shadow Lake is a romance novel, after all and I’ve a feeling those sparks will soon be fanned into the flames of desire.

… Is it me or is it getting warm in here?

(Shadow Lake — The first in the Love At The Lake Series — Coming April, 2009 from Black Lyon Publishing!) 


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