New Review for WFTR

I just got this awesome review from The Ebook Guru. Check it out!


Waiting for the Rain by M. Jean Pike – Fiction eBook Review

Here’s a book that anyone who enjoys a great Romance novel will not want to miss. It’s actually a Paranormal/Romance published by Champagne Books. The book is called Waiting for the Rain, by M.Jean Pike, and I am highly recommending this one to anyone who enjoys either genre.

 On a normal day I likely wouldn’t say that I am a Romance reader, but I did enjoy this book.

Waiting for the Rain tells the story of Willow Mackenzie. A woman who is suffering from, and possibly dying from, cancer and who is generally lost on what path her life should take. That is until she meets Darby Sullivan, and her life begins to take a turn for the better. I’m not going to give away the storyline. All I will say beyond what I already have is that this one is a Romance novel with a paranormal twist. The book contains just the right mix of suspense, paranormal, and romance to make it one that will appeal to many readers and not just romance fans.

This was another one of those books that I had trouble putting down. I finished from front to back in 2 days (I had to sleep somewhere in between), and with every page I found myself wanting to read more. All-in-all Waiting for the rain is a great read, and this is one book that I think anyone could enjoy. It’s especially one that romance readers won’t want to miss! An Excerpt from Waiting for the Rain

“This is it, an inner voice whispered. This is the home I have searched for. The home I have waited a lifetime to find. The thought came with an intensity that surprised her. She certainly hadn’t come up Baker’s Gully Road looking for a cottage to rent.

A crack of thunder tore through the quiet, pulling her from her thoughts. The dog barked. Gazing across the yard, she saw him waiting just beyond the house, at the end of a rutted dirt path, his tail beating furiously. Feeling the first drops of rain splash her face, she opened her umbrella and hurried toward him.

The path led through a grove of pine trees, then to a covered bridge that spanned a wide, chortling river. Just beyond the bridge, Willy could see another cabin, this one made of logs. Most of the dwelling was concealed by trees, but the thin curl of smoke escaping the chimney told Willy the cabin was inhabited. The dog stopped in mid-stride and pricked up its ears, then took off on a dead run toward the cabin. Willy followed at a slower pace, wondering where the old dog got his energy.”


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