If you build it…



Friday was officially the first day of spring, and though the temperatures haven’t quite caught on yet (last night was a chilly eighteen degrees!) my thoughts have turned to all things outdoorsy and I am eagerly awaiting the flurry of activity my five acres will soon become. As the earth begins to awaken, I sit on my back porch, binoculars in hand, watching as mothers of every kind begin preparing homes for their young.


I do my best to help the process along. I plant honeysuckle and cone flowers to attract birds and butterflies to my backyard sanctuary, leaving plenty of brushy areas to provide shelter and privacy for deer, rabbits and skunks.


This winter was a tough one all the way around and the shortage of building materials brought us some uninvited guests. A family of beavers crossed the creek and helped themselves to many of our poplars. Living in the country, you take the good with the bad, I suppose.



If I had to advertise to attract desirable tenants, I suppose my ad would look something like this:

Luxury High Rise Condos
Luxury High Rise Condos



Coming this Spring — Luxury High-Rise Condos with Creek-Side View!

Twelve clean, comfortable units. Great for families. Within walking distance to wildflower gardens. Nightly all you can eat Mosquito buffet!



Quaint cottage in peaceful, private setting. Move-in condition!


Charming older home
Charming older home



This older home located in beautiful Lily Gardens offers three charming units. Rain-proof. Cat-proof. Nearby baths and feeders. Nesting materials not included.


But of course, that wouldn’t be necessary. Like the famous line from Field of Dreams says: If you build it, they will come.


I have built it.

And I’m so looking forward to their arrival.  


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