Full House!


I thought I was going to have all this space …



Last spring my husband built me a greenhouse for Mother’s Day. Or I should say, he started to build me a greenhouse on Mother’s Day. If you’re like us, time and money don’t always allow you to complete projects in as timely a manner as you would like. The greenhouse was finished in October. Too late for last season’s planting, and I have looked forward to using it for six long months. Having limited window space in the house, and pets who like to dig in my plants, I usually only start three or four trays of annuals a year, as many as will fit on the table in my sun porch. This year, I went hog wild, buying all of my usual favorites along with some exotic new plants and flowers I’ve been wanting to try. I foolishly started them in early March. (What made me think the nights would be warm enough for seedlings in an unheated greenhouse in New York State in early April?) In no time at all they had taken over not only the sun porch, but every available window in my house. After five weeks of juggling not three, but THIRTY trays of seedlings, in from the porch every night , and back out every morning, I finally moved them down to my greenhouse today. It’s a mighty tight fit, but I got them all in. Hooray! The best part? The sun porch is empty. Wonder if I should start a few tomatoes? 

full house
full house


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