Garden Spots

The flowers in my garden don’t all come alive at once. Rather, they unfold gently, like the scenes in a really great novel, giving me time to fully enjoy the glory of each one. Here are some photos of what I have so far …

welcoming committee
welcoming committee

This patch of  beautiful purple Iris grows by my front door, the perfect way to welcome friends and family to our home!

sit awhile
sit awhile

These nasturtiums haven’t come into their own yet, but within a week or two they will be a profusion of golds, oranges and reds. The little bench, complete with birdhouses, is the perfect place for them to sprawl this summer!


The girls at work gave me this lovely basket to celebrate the release of Shadow Lake. It sits on my back deck, welcoming  back door guests to  pull up a seat and chat awhile.


Don’t let the parking meter fool you. Stay as long as you want!

hello, ladies
hello, ladies

These pretty, purple lupins speak for themselves.


No garden spot would be complete without a sunny pot of marigolds!


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