a snippet to tease you …

Great news! The second installment in my Love on the Lake Series, Whispers in Autumn, is due out next month from Black Lyon Publishing, right on schedule!

     When her help in solving a brutal child murder case results in a threat against her life, ghost whisperer Dove Denning flees to the safety and tranquility of Shadow Lake. On the brink of emotional collapse, Dove sees the deserted campground as the perfect place to hide out from the world and the faceless stranger who stalks her. Police advise her to trust no one if she wants to stay alive. It’s advice Dove plans to keep. Until she meets the one man who can save her from herself…

Here’s a snippet to tease you…

In the bathroom, she slipped out of her dress and pulled on a nightgown. She washed her face, brushed her hair, and headed back to the living room, yawning. A night of driving and a day of festivity had finally caught up with her. Sleep would come easily this night.

            Crossing the room to pull the curtains closed, she froze when she saw a figure standing on the dock; a young girl in a black bathing suit. Her skin was milky white, her hair long and untamed. Dove pulled in a breath. Don’t get involved…

            She closed her eyes, exhaled softly. When she opened them again, the girl was still there, regarding her pensively with her dark, shadowy eyes.



            Ignoring her inner voice, Dove slid open the door and stepped outside. She stood without speaking, her gaze locked with that of the specter.

            You can see me? The girl finally asked.



            None of the others can.


            What do you want?


            I want … I want you to tell him I’m sorry. Please?




            She choked on a sob. My dad.


            Who are you?


            Silence fell like a thick, dark veil. The ghost drew closer. Shivering in her nightgown, Dove braced herself against a blast of frigid air, against the sheer, raw strength of the emotions that swirled like a cyclone inside the girl. Images exploded in her brain, one after another: a small girl splashing in the water, running with a jar of lightning bugs, riding piggyback high on a man’s shoulders. She watched as each impression gave way to the next, as the pretty little girl became a lovely young woman. She saw her competing in a high school swim meet as a crowd of onlookers cheered, dancing in a lavender gown, a string of pearls around her pretty neck, riding a ten speed bike, her hair dancing in the wind. And then came a final, horrible image. A blood curdling scream as she plunged head first into the icy lake, her hands groping blindly in terror and confusion as the water closed in around her.

            Dove nearly buckled beneath the force of its fury as the specter fought to gain entry into her being. Summoning her inner strength, she steeled herself against the onslaught until she felt its energy begin to weaken. Its fervor lessened and then disappeared, leaving only a whispered breath of air in its wake.

            I’m Chelsea …   



From Black Lyon Publishing



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