Meander Scar Review

I just read a really great book by fellow BLP author, Lisa J. Lickel!

When the cover for this romance appeared on our publisher’s website I couldn’t help but wonder at the meaning of the title, Meander Scar. In a brief preface, the author explains that a meander scar is healed earth alongside a waterway that skewed from the boundaries of its naturally straight course. I wasn’t far into the book before it became clear that this was a fitting analogy for the life of Ann Ballard, the story’s heroine.

When her husband, Gene, mysteriously disappears, Ann finds her life in a disturbing state of limbo; she isn’t a widow, but she isn’t really married any more, either. As the years slowly pass, Ann begins to feel that she isn’t much of anything at all. It takes the reappearance of Mark Roth, a much younger man from her past, to make Ann feel like living again. But like a river slamming against a stone barrier, Ann and Mark’s romance seems frought with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The many twists and turns the author put into the plot made Meander Scar an intriguing read from the start, and her considerable talent for crafting likeable, lifelike characters held me till the story’s most surprising ending. This inspirational romance is a tale of love, faith and complex family relationships. It is a showcase for the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful sides of life and the joy of everlasting love.

Get your copy at Black Lyon today!


One thought on “Meander Scar Review

  1. Thank you, Jean. After reading your delicious work, I’m honored.
    You know how things work in the industry – an author gets a call of interest from a publisher: if you do this, we’ll consider contracting your book. I’d been through the “yuck” and “no” wringer so much with just talking about the concept of the book, that when I did pitch it–exactly twice–and BL was first in line to accept it as long as I’d lop off the last third, I was thrilled. Thrilled enough to essentially gut the story and unravel some of my favorite threads. Publication came on lightning fast so I hardly had time to see if the restitching held and wonder what kind of creature I’d end up with. I’m pleased it’s readable. 🙂

    I’m always happy to talk process and character and story.

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