New Review for Whispers in Autumn at Night Owl Romance!

I’m so pleased with all of the positive reviews WHISPERS IN AUTUMN is garnering. This one just came in from Night Owl Romance…

Dove Denning is a paranormal expert and has just got out of a murder investigation. She is now planning on attending a wedding of someone she knows at Shadow Lake. After spending a bit of time in the town she meets a man named Dusty. They start hanging around each other and start to do stuff together. Dove finally tells him about her physic abilities but he is in doubt and there is more than that.  Dove talks about her visions and about her being able to see and talk with ghosts.  Dusty tells Dove about his dead daughter. Sparks start between these two as they learn more about each other. Whispers in Autumn is a feel good story that has very interesting characters. The sweet progression of Dusty and Dove’s relationship was enchanting. The supernatural parts were a nice addition and flowed well. But overall it is the characters who will be remembered in this fantastic read.Rating: 4.25 Stars  


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