Autumn Treasures

What a welcome surprise, after a week of gray skies and rain, to wake up this morning to a sunny, sixty-degree day! Needless to say, as I sat on my porch with my pumpkin spice coffee, watching the leaves come down, my plans to spend the morning doing laundry went right out the window. It was just too nice a day to be inside, especially with the coming week’s forecast a little on the iffy side. 

With pumpkins on my mind, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and headed up the hill to Jenkin’s Farm Market, one of my very favorite places. When I arrived, I allowed myself the pleasure of getting lost in their gorgeous selection of mums, finally selecting pots of deep burgundy, variegated rust and gold, and my all time favorite pale salmon. With that decided, I moved on to their wagonful of pumpkins.

The nice summer weather yielded a better crop this year than last, and I’ll admit I had some trouble deciding. Especially since one of the items on My50List is “carve a pumpkin,” something I haven’t done since my son was ten or eleven. Decorating with pumpkins is one thing, but choosing a Jack O’ Lantern is quite another. You have to study each one carefully to get a feel for the kind of face you wish to create. Since I’d already decided my Jack would be the wide-eyed, smiling variety, this large, plump oval seemed the perfect choice.


On my way back down Stony Brook hill I spied a farmer set up with an unusual display of gourds. I chose a pretty, large white one and another of the warty, green and yellow striped variety. The farmer also had a great selection of home grown veggies, and I couldn’t pass up a couple of quarts of salt potatoes. Mmmmm! 

Back home, I wasted no time in carving my pumpkin. I took him outside and arranged him, along with my other autumn treasures, into my flower cart. 


The fall air was so revitalizing that I even had the energy to tackle that mountain of laundry!