Signs of Spring

It’s been a long, cold winter here in western New York. The kind of blustery, bone-chilling winter that starts in early November and makes you cancel your outdoor plans, and throw on an extra sweater, and look longingly through your collection of garden planners. It was the kind of winter that makes you feel like it will be winter for ever and spring will never come again.

We got our first reprieve yesterday, when temperatures soared to 65 degrees. It was wall-to-wall sunshine, and it felt wonderful! Yesterday I noticed a pair of blue birds hovering around the nest box. When I went outside last evening to investigate, I saw that the female had placed precisely two sprigs of pine needles inside the box. Today, when I arrived home from work, I went out to check again. Mama has had a busy day!

Touring the yard, I saw the beginnings of the sixty-five tulips I planted last fall poking up through the ground. Discovering a patch of crocuses nearby, I hurried inside to get my camera…


It made me really happy to see this little honey bee taking advantage of the warm weather and finding nourishment in the crocuses. And who doesn’t love these guys!


Though the temperatures today didn’t come close to the mid-sixties we had yesterday, and there are snow flurries in the forecast for tomorrow, these signs of spring, these lovely gifts of nature, give me hope that indeed, spring really is on its way.


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