The blue birds have been busily scoping out next year’s digs!

I can hardly wait for next year’s nesting season 🙂


whispers in autumn

Looking for a spooky, fall romance? Why not give Whispers in Autumn a try!

To hear love whispering, they had to listen with their hearts.
Paranormal Studies expert Dove Denning came to Shadow Lake to attend her friend Emma’s wedding. After helping the police with a brutal murder investigation, the solitude and tranquility of the lake are just what Dove needs to ease her spirit—but the spirits that whisper to her aren’t so at ease.

Struggling over the death of his daughter, Dusty is a man who has come from dark places in search of peace. As his heart turns toward Dove, the ghosts from his past turn out to be more than just figures of speech. Together, Dusty and Dove find the power of redemption, of safety from a growing danger … of love on the lake.

Available in paperback and as a Kindle Romance at!