About M. Jean Pike


Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m Jean Pike, author of paranormal and inspirational fiction and non fiction. After living my whole life in Western New York, I recently relocated to Southern Ohio, where I share my 1920’s cottage with a hound dog and a tabby cat.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had stories rolling around in my head. My earliest works include a short story collection, a memoir, and a slim volume of poetry 🙂


I wrote prolifically throughout high school, contributing to the school newspaper, writing songs and poems to share at church, and designing my own greeting cards for family and friends. In college, I received my first real publishing credit when one of my poems was published in a small literary journal. My payment was three copies! Having had a small taste of success, I started sending out more and more work for publication. When each submission was met with a rejection letter, I got discouraged and gave up. For a while. Actually, for a long while.

Ten years passed before I started writing again. This time, I took courses. I studied my craft. I edited and then edited each piece again before I sent it out. No one was more surprised than me when the acceptance letters started rolling in!


With over one hundred essays and short stories in print, I decided it was time to try may hand at writing a novel. My first one, a ghost story titled The Edge of Autumn, took me nearly six years to write. I lived with the characters and setting for so long they seemed like home and family. They still do.

From there, I wrote a novel about an enchanted cottage. Next, I indulged my love of anything WW2 and wrote a time travel romance about America’s Homefront. I veered away from romance and wrote a gritty literary novel about life’s twists and turns. And then a collection of three Romance novels called Love on the Lake. After a four year hiatus, I’m currently finishing an Inspirational Romance.

Like her children, a writer’s books are each very different, each dearly beloved. My books reflect my interests and values. Between their covers you will find people gardening, bird watching, and working on their houses. You will find them baking cakes, walking their dogs, cheering at their son’s football games, and worshipping in churches. You will find life at its ugliest, and at its most impossibly beautiful. And hopefully, you’ll find something that blesses you and makes you smile, and you’ll read the final pages and feel like you’ve made a friend.



2 thoughts on “About M. Jean Pike

  1. I have recently read The Edge of Autumn and Love’s Hidden Promise. I loved both of them. I am a writer myself and after my mother died, I was raised by my father’s sisters in Frankfort, Ohio. When I read that you write from a small town in Southern Ohio, I became really curious. My name is Jim Kearney. email: a5above13@hotmail.com

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