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something old, something new…

My debut paranormal romance, The Edge of Autumn, is now available as a Kindle Book for the first time ever! Ghosts, love triangles and murder, all for just $2.99!!!


Coming Soon!

When I set out, more than twelve months ago, to write the third installment in my Love on the Lake series, I had no idea what an undertaking it woud be. Aside from the usual distractions of work, running a household, and being a mother, life got in the way in some very unforseen ways. There were family illnesses, personal illnesses, financial difficulties, and even some broken bones. There were happy distractions, too, as my son entered his senior year of high school. There were senior portraits to sit for, varsity sports competitions to cheer at, and colleges to look into. That being said, Sunset Cove was a very challenging book to write. As much as I enjoyed creating these characters and their stories, it took a lot of time and perseverence to get from Chapter One to those glorious words, “The End.” Thanks for your patience, dear readers. I hope you will think Sunset Cove was worth the wait!

Sunset Cove

When the undercover drug operation he is in charge of goes horribly wrong, New York City police officer Chase Alexander turns in his badge and returns to his hometown of Sunset Cove, an emotionally bankrupt man. Desperate to put the past behind him, he takes a job as manager at Shadow Lake Campground and tries to get on with his life. But when the Shadow Lake community is plagued by a rash of drug-related burglaries, Chase feels compelled to get involved, hoping his success in eliminating the drug threat from his home town will help him come to terms with his past failures. He enlists the help of Lacy Kennedy, the beautiful, headstrong waitress at the local diner. She reluctantly agrees to be his eyes and ears in the community, unaware that Chase has a hidden agenda, that she is, in part, the reason for his return. For little does Lacy know that it is only in helping to make her dreams come true that Chase can truly redeem himself.

 On the other side of the lake …

Life has not always been easy for Polly Church. The young bride of an abusive husband, she spent her life living in fear, never knowing the meaning of true love. Freed from Benny’s cruelty by his death, sixty-year-old Polly finally finds peace. A certified wildlife rehabilitator, she lives out her retirement years in her secluded cottage on Shadow Lake, taking pleasure in the blue birds that share her four country acres. But Polly’s placid existence is shattered when she finds herself faced with the challenge of raising her drug addict sister’s teenaged daughter, Wendy. As her relationship with Wendy deteriorates and her health unexpectedly falls apart, Polly finds solace in her lifelong friend, Sammy Delaney. When Sammy hints that he would like more than friendship, Polly is reluctant to take a chance on romance. But though it sometimes arrives when least expected, Polly learns that love always arrives when it is needed the most. With Sammy’s help, Polly discovers hope, wholeness, and the healing power… of love on the lake.

Sunset Cove, Book #3 in the Love on the Lake series coming soon!


Whispers in Autumn Released Today!

March is always such a busy month … I have birthdays to celebrate, appointments to keep, work to be, well, worked at. But my son finally got his own car, so hopefully that will mean less running for me, and more time to write. I’m planning the third book in my Love on the Lake series as we speak. And speaking of Love on the Lake, Whispers in Autumn is now available at Amazon and Black Lyon Publishing. If you like spooky ghost stories with a dash of mystery, this one’s definitely for you!


a snippet to tease you …

Great news! The second installment in my Love on the Lake Series, Whispers in Autumn, is due out next month from Black Lyon Publishing, right on schedule!

     When her help in solving a brutal child murder case results in a threat against her life, ghost whisperer Dove Denning flees to the safety and tranquility of Shadow Lake. On the brink of emotional collapse, Dove sees the deserted campground as the perfect place to hide out from the world and the faceless stranger who stalks her. Police advise her to trust no one if she wants to stay alive. It’s advice Dove plans to keep. Until she meets the one man who can save her from herself…

Here’s a snippet to tease you…

In the bathroom, she slipped out of her dress and pulled on a nightgown. She washed her face, brushed her hair, and headed back to the living room, yawning. A night of driving and a day of festivity had finally caught up with her. Sleep would come easily this night.

            Crossing the room to pull the curtains closed, she froze when she saw a figure standing on the dock; a young girl in a black bathing suit. Her skin was milky white, her hair long and untamed. Dove pulled in a breath. Don’t get involved…

            She closed her eyes, exhaled softly. When she opened them again, the girl was still there, regarding her pensively with her dark, shadowy eyes.



            Ignoring her inner voice, Dove slid open the door and stepped outside. She stood without speaking, her gaze locked with that of the specter.

            You can see me? The girl finally asked.



            None of the others can.


            What do you want?


            I want … I want you to tell him I’m sorry. Please?




            She choked on a sob. My dad.


            Who are you?


            Silence fell like a thick, dark veil. The ghost drew closer. Shivering in her nightgown, Dove braced herself against a blast of frigid air, against the sheer, raw strength of the emotions that swirled like a cyclone inside the girl. Images exploded in her brain, one after another: a small girl splashing in the water, running with a jar of lightning bugs, riding piggyback high on a man’s shoulders. She watched as each impression gave way to the next, as the pretty little girl became a lovely young woman. She saw her competing in a high school swim meet as a crowd of onlookers cheered, dancing in a lavender gown, a string of pearls around her pretty neck, riding a ten speed bike, her hair dancing in the wind. And then came a final, horrible image. A blood curdling scream as she plunged head first into the icy lake, her hands groping blindly in terror and confusion as the water closed in around her.

            Dove nearly buckled beneath the force of its fury as the specter fought to gain entry into her being. Summoning her inner strength, she steeled herself against the onslaught until she felt its energy begin to weaken. Its fervor lessened and then disappeared, leaving only a whispered breath of air in its wake.

            I’m Chelsea …   



From Black Lyon Publishing


New Review From The Romance Studio

Shadow Lake M. Jean Pike

 Contemporary romance

Available from Black Lyon Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-934912-14-0 April 2009

Emma Beckman, a thirty-year-old widow, was almost destitute. She desperately needed a job but her life was such a shambles she had trouble finding anything she could do. She decided to answer an ad for a 5-month-a-year job at Shadow Lake Campground. She didn’t expect to be hired, but she was desperate and had to try. Her last job was a disaster. When she refused to submit to a fellow employee, he jeopardized her job. Her dilapidated vehicle was not up to making the trip to and from the campground.

Shane Lucy married at eighteen, seventeen years earlier, and was the father of a sixteen year old trouble boy, Mick. It started when his mother, Shane’s wife Blair, left them the year before and never contacted them again. When Emma walked into the camp store, Shane’s temper scared her to death. She was so fragile, she was sure she couldn’t work for him. He watched her walk and leave out after he was so rude.

This book has an author who is new to me—M. Jean Pike. I loved her writing style and the ability she has to keep this reader mesmerized. The fact that Emma was fragile and emotionally struggled did not make her a weak character. Likewise, the rough and gruff Shane was vulnerable in his own right. The supporting cast members were dynamic, vibrant people who greatly added to the enjoyment of the storyline. Even the unpopular ex-wife had a pivotal role.

This great work has such an interesting story that I believe everyone would enjoy it. I highly recommend it to anyone. It is a beautiful love story without blatant sexual activity. I highly offer this to you as one book even younger people would enjoy. It is a great book which who’s storyline will remain even after the great ending.

Overall rating: 5 Hearts

Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Brenda Talley August 31, 2009


Working Girl Reviews Loves Waiting For The Rain!

Waiting For The Rain

Waiting For The Rain

Waiting for the Rain

 M. Jean Pike

Champagne Press, 2007

ISBN 978 1 897445 21 1

Buy Link:

 This has been a rainy week in my world so it seemed the perfect time to settle in with Waiting for the Rain by M. Jean Pike. I wasn’t sure what to expect after reading the description on the back cover. The book had more depth and beauty than I expected. I found it to be a breath of fresh air in the paranormal romance genre. It is skillfully written, full of unique scenes, a few colorful characters, heartache, sacrifice, drama, suspense and of course a sexy leading man. In some ways the story reminded me of a modern, adult version of Tuck Everlasting. This book is a love story that offers hope but . . . is that hope medical, miracle or magic—readers will have to decide. If you like unpredictable books you will enjoy the many twists the author takes you on in this story. The book is categorized as a paranormal romance novel and although it is a romance, it is not light, fluffy or full of silly sexual innuendos. The romance in Waiting for the Rain is believable and tasteful. The paranormal aspect will come upon readers slowly and quickly build into a beautiful tale. This book is easy to read in one sitting, but you better start it early in the day because you may not want to put it down until you get to the end. This is an emotional love story that shows the hope a sacrifice can offer one we love. Readers will go through a swing of emotions while reading of a love that sacrifices and heals but may not be destined to endure forever. Readers will enjoy the way the author gets right to the heart of the story. It only took me a page or two to be hooked. The leading lady, twenty-eight year old Willow (Willy) is diagnosed with cancer. Before telling her husband, Tom, her sad news, he announces that he wants a divorce because he has found someone new. Having no desire for his pity, Willy refrains from telling him her medical news and instead agrees to the divorce and turns to the help of her friends. Realizing her time on earth may be coming to an end she desires to follow one of her dreams. Always an admirer of the majestic eagle, she wants to photograph one before she is too frail to do so. Her journey into the woods proves to be a life-altering trip. After experiencing car trouble and lack of cell phone reception, she meets Darby, a reclusive, gruff but handsome stranger with plenty of tragedy of his own. War veteran Darby lives in Baker’s Gully away from humanity with his faithful dog Lucky as his main companion. The beautiful art work on the book cover gives a brief glimpse into the world that will captivate Willy who is strangely drawn to Baker’s Gully and can’t seem to rest until she finagles a way to stay in the abandoned rose covered cabin not far from Darby’s place. Readers won’t be surprised when Willow and Darby begin to fall in love, but will be surprised by the direction their love takes them. Both have lost a first love, neither is looking for a new love yet they are drawn to each other as in a fairy tale. If you believe in true love, if you believe miracles or magic can get you where you want to go, this book is for you. The book is well written with accurate portrayals of the time period involved. The main characters are fully developed and the scenes are beautifully described. Through clear and vivid descriptions, readers will feel like they have been to Baker’s Gully before. I enjoyed getting to know Willow and I was fascinated by Darby. I appreciated the depth of both characters. Willow’s situation is easier to figure out but readers will have questions as they get to know Darby, his past and his beautiful property. Could Darby have the secret to the fountain of youth? Will he be able to help Willy? Will Willy let him? These are questions that come to mind for the reader. The author introduces to some colorful minor characters with interesting pasts and hearts of gold. Some readers may not approve of the lifestyles and choices of certain characters but will find them believable and true to form throughout the story. Readers will sense a heart of friendship in Sid, the loyalty of hard as nails lawyer Zoe, the jokester in off-color, disgruntled Toots, and the weakness in the loves of Tom and Marilyn. The development of these characters allows the author to insert scenes written with humor, sarcasm, grief, romance, sacrifice, sorrow and love. The ending of the book causes one to stop, think and review the story as a whole. If you are like me, you will reflect upon it for a time. Willow and Darby stayed with me for several days after I left Baker’s Gully. This is a thought-provoking story that reminds us that into every life some rain must fall. Rain is there for all of us. Our lives can be spent remembering the rain, waiting for the rain or embracing the rain. A choice is offered. Jean Pike has given us a fresh, unique love story: A love for all times. Waiting for the Rain is a keeper! I predict that readers will want to return to Baker’s Gully to read this story more than once.


Rating: 5 Shoes


I Wonder…


This little robin sat on my porch for most of the day, pretty much ignoring the persistent voice of his mother, who sat in the treetop above.

Much as I sat sipping coffee, knowing there was work to be done on my Work In Progress,  but ignoring that nagging, persistent voice that insisted Let’s get crackin.

Watching the robin, I had to wonder. Was he afraid. Or just feeling lazy?