I find this picture to be extremely creepy. Especially the woman on the far right.


There is no explanation written on the back, no clue as to who these people are.  Maybe whoever took it intended to throw it away. I’m so glad they didn’t.

This ruined picture gets my wheels turning. This family, out for a fun day of sledding, unaware they are surrounded by spirits. Cue the eerie music. I feel a ghost story coming on!


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A woman with no future, a man with no past. A mysterious medallion that can change both of their lives. Forever.

After receiving a devastating medical diagnosis, twenty-eight-year-old Willow Mackenzie is determined to realize her unfulfilled dreams. On a jaunt to a lonely quarry called Baker’s Gully in the hope of photographing an eagle, she discovers and abandoned cottage and its reclusive owner, Darby Sullivan. Captivated by the rose-covered dwelling, Willow knows instinctively she is meant to spend the rest of her life in Baker’s Gully.

A man of secrets, Darby is content with his reclusive existence, but sensing the deadly illness that lurks inside Willow, he agrees to rent her the cottage, knowing it is the one place on earth that can heal her. But saving Willow’s life may cost Darby his own.


Hunted by a cult leader who seeks not only her soul, but her life, eighteen-year-old Angel knows her only hope of survival is escape. She flees her mother’s home, unaware of the supernatural forces that guide her journey to Littlebrook, a town where nothing ever changes and nothing is as innocent as it seems.

Alone and afraid, she finds an ally in Don Hanson, a gentle doctor with a haunted past. Angel’s resemblance to Don’s dead wife, Mary, is the eerie magnet that draw him to her, stirring his shattered heart to love again. But for this unlikely pair, love comes at a high price, as Angel’s mysterious appearance creates a tempest in Littlebrook, awakening ghosts from the past and striking vengeance in the dark heart of an enemy Angel didn’t  know she had.