I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.

When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.

… Well, maybe it will be closer to August before we get a stretch of decent weather this year. But I’m not stressing. Actually I’m on cloud 99.


When Sunset Cove was released, in the winter of 2011, I didn’t know it would be the last book I would write for almost seven years.

I went through some stormy times. Frightening times. It was hard to see the sunshine for a while. I did very little writing except for the occasional devotional for my inspirational blog and a couple of short stories for an anthology.  This winter, I felt a gentle nudge inside that said it was time to write another book. So I bought a brand new spiral notebook, because that’s how I do it, and day after day I sat at my kitchen table and waited for my “people” to tell me what their story was about. Once they started talking it was hard to get them to stop. But that’s the best part of the deal.


They told me so many things.

They told me about the loneliness of finding yourself unexpectedly single at age fifty, and the anxiety of starting all over again. They told me about friendship and about drug abuse and about homelessness. About the wars that are waged, even in families that care deeply for one another. About the peace that comes with surrendering your will to God’s, and yes, they told me about not giving up on love.

They told me the story of Frankie’s Heart.

After weeks of contemplation and false starts, I was finally able to fit all of the pieces together. I polished the story, and then polished it some more. Then I sent it off to my publisher, hoping I still have what it takes.

Yesterday I got word that my book is being released in July.

I can’t seem to stop smiling.

I’m as excited as if this were my very first one.

I’ve got sunshine, even on this cloudy day.


Frankie’s Heart

When recent recent widow Frankie Bonetti unexpectedly loses her job, she’s faced with a terrifying decision: look for new employment in Cincinnati, or start life over elsewhere. She accepts a position in the small city of Port Arthur, Ohio and buys a charming fixer-upper. Like Frankie, the house is unloved and unappreciated and she is determined to give it a second chance. She hires local contractor, Tracy Johanson, to make the necessary repairs, not knowing he will restore both her house and her heart.

Devastated by the death of his wife and estranged from his only son, Tracy tells himself he’d rather be alone than risk the pain of another failed relationship. Then he meets Frankie, whose genuineness and kindness make him want to try again.

When the storms that rage are both internal and external, they must put their faith in each other and in God, the healer of old wounds and creator of new beginnings.


Frankie’s Heart

An Inspirational Romance

Coming July, 2018

From Black Lyon Publishing




Meander Scar Review

I just read a really great book by fellow BLP author, Lisa J. Lickel!

When the cover for this romance appeared on our publisher’s website I couldn’t help but wonder at the meaning of the title, Meander Scar. In a brief preface, the author explains that a meander scar is healed earth alongside a waterway that skewed from the boundaries of its naturally straight course. I wasn’t far into the book before it became clear that this was a fitting analogy for the life of Ann Ballard, the story’s heroine.

When her husband, Gene, mysteriously disappears, Ann finds her life in a disturbing state of limbo; she isn’t a widow, but she isn’t really married any more, either. As the years slowly pass, Ann begins to feel that she isn’t much of anything at all. It takes the reappearance of Mark Roth, a much younger man from her past, to make Ann feel like living again. But like a river slamming against a stone barrier, Ann and Mark’s romance seems frought with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The many twists and turns the author put into the plot made Meander Scar an intriguing read from the start, and her considerable talent for crafting likeable, lifelike characters held me till the story’s most surprising ending. This inspirational romance is a tale of love, faith and complex family relationships. It is a showcase for the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful sides of life and the joy of everlasting love.

Get your copy at Black Lyon today!