This photo puzzles me, this woman in her skirt and fur coat, sitting on the ground in what appears to be some sort of logging camp, holding her dog.


She does not seem to fit in with her surroundings. The dog looks less than thrilled, like he wants to be anywhere else.

What is this lady doing there, dressed like that? Obviously her visit was important enough to someone that they wanted to commit it to film.

Who or why, I can only wonder…



I find this picture to be extremely creepy. Especially the woman on the far right.


There is no explanation written on the back, no clue as to who these people are.  Maybe whoever took it intended to throw it away. I’m so glad they didn’t.

This ruined picture gets my wheels turning. This family, out for a fun day of sledding, unaware they are surrounded by spirits. Cue the eerie music. I feel a ghost story coming on!

Uncle Frank, Aunt Amelia, and Mary

I love the little woman on the right. Mary.

She looks like such a character, doesn’t she?


Something in her eyes speaks of a hard life, and yet, there’s a mischievous twinkle there, too.

I’ll bet she could you stories. I’ll bet they would be surprising.

DSC_0890 (2)

I don’t know a thing about these three; Uncle Frank, Aunt Amelia, and Mary. But I’m hoping as I delve deeper into the family albums, I will be able to piece together something of their story…

Beulah and the Making of an Unexpected Memory

I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at here, but I’ll bet this day was talked about for a long, long time.



The explanation on the back of the photo explains some, but not enough.


Beulah and shock both went down, we are trying to help her up to have the picture taken. Bruno is helping too. 1924

I don’t know who Beulah is, or where she fits into our family tree, but doesn’t she look like fun? She seems like the kind of person who can laugh at herself, the kind of person you’d want to hang out with.

If there was another picture taken, a more proper one, I haven’t come across it yet. But I’m sure glad to have a memento of this unexpected moment. Life’s little surprises always seem to make the best memories.     


July at the Pallady Cottage

Here’s another old home I would love to find some day. It looks so welcoming, nestled there in the hills.


And ladies, what one of us can’t relate to the inscription on the back?

DSC_0940 (2)

She tries to keep her cottage clean and homelike. I love that!

What keeps her from it, I wonder? Her family? Her other obligations? Or could it be that her numerous lily plants take up all of her time.

In any case, the woman in this picture is getting down to business, with her bucket and her sun hat. I’d like to step into this photo, sit down on the porch, and have a cool glass of lemonade with this ancestor of mine. I’d like to get her gardening secrets. I’d like to find out her plans for all of those flowers…


Porch Sitting at the Little Old Home Cottage

I’ve been in the old family photos again. It looks like my love of porch sitting on summer days is something that has been handed down to me. I love this family, gathered for a photo on the front porch. I love the older gentleman in the back, his hat perched jauntily to the side, and the couple in the front in their best church clothes. I love the family dog peeking out between them, and that they put down a tablecloth to sit on so they wouldn’t get their good clothes dirty.


I wonder…

Did they just return from church, and decide to have a photo taken while they were all dressed up? Or were they expecting company? Or maybe these people were the company; beloved family or friends, their visit committed to film. The back of the photo doesn’t give away a clue as to who the people are, only that the photo was taken at the little old home cottage, by Deer Creek.


I like the homey look of this cottage; the white lace curtains in the window, the wooden floorboards, and the way the woman has her plants sitting around. I’m not sure where Deer Creek is. A Google search located three: one in Michigan, one in Oswego County, NY and another in Central OH. But maybe this Deer Creek is an out-of-the-way place, too small to appear on a map. Wherever it is, I would love to go there some day. I would love to find the little old home cottage, if it’s still standing, and see what has become of it since this photo was taken in 1914. Did some old-home fanatic fall in love with it and restore it? Or is it an abandoned shell sitting along the creek bank, overtaken by nature? If that’s the case, I’m glad my ancestors left this small remembrance of a place where they left their hand and footprints so many years ago.

Vic, Mrs. Yerkis, and the 100-Year Kiss

My family has always been good about capturing events in photos. It’s just what we do. Evidently it has been that way for generations.

Our attic was filled with boxes of old photos. Many rainy days I sat surrounded by memories that weren’t my own, wondering about the people and places that had been preserved in time.

This particular photo from 1917 has always intrigued me with its strange collection of faces and expressions.



But it’s more what is written on the back that holds my writer’s imagination hostage.


Am sorry that Vic kissed Mrs. Yerkis.

This is writing prompt if ever there was one. It leaves me with so many questions. What was the occasion? Who is Mrs. Yerkis? Who is Vic and why can’t he keep his unwanted kisses to himself?

My best guess is that Vic is the man in front wearing the self-satisfied smile. He looks thoroughly amused. The woman beside him… not so much. Five women. Four men. At least twenty possible combinations. And who knows, Vic may not be in the photo at all. For all I know, Vic is the family dog, banished to the parlor for his unspeakable shenanigans.

I will never know the story behind this photo, but maybe it’s more fun that way. One thing I feel sure of. I don’t know why Vic would pull a stunt like that and ruin the family gathering, but I bet he’d be delighted to know that people are still talking about it 100 years later!