Chapter One…



Chapter One

Alonzo Bonetti had been dead for exactly two hundred days when his widow, Frankie, bought the fixer-upper on Cottage Street. Unloved and unappreciated, the house spoke to Frankie’s heart, asking for a second chance. And Frankie’s heart said yes…

Curious yet?


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Struggles of a Non-Fashionista Romance Writer

I can take an empty room, dress it up, add color, and make it beautiful. If I had the funds, I’m sure I could make my old fixer upper worthy of the pages of House Beautiful. But when it comes to dressing up myself — I admit it, I struggle.


I admire people who wear clothes well. I have friends that dress like living, breathing mannequins. I’ve never quite been able to get there. Try as I might, it seems I’ve always got a missing button or a wrinkle in my skirt. And white clothes? Forget it. I even managed to slop on my wedding dress.

The truth is I take a lot more care with dressing my characters than I do myself. In Frankie’s Heart (Coming this July!) my heroine, Frankie Bonetti has a closet full of beautiful clothes. Capris and colorful skirts and all the latest Lula Roe. Having relocated from Cincinnati to tiny Port Arthur, she sometimes has trouble deciding on the right outfit for the right occasion. She looks to me to make sure she is appropriately outfitted.

What’s a non-fashionista romance writer to do? Thank the Lord for fashion blogs and online catalogues from places like Kohls and Christopher & Banks. If not for them, Frankie might show up everywhere in jeans, flip flops and an Ohio State tee shirt.

A Few Thoughts on Setting


After four years, I’m still a relative newcomer here. Some of the foods seem strange to me. Some of the words and phrases sound like a foreign language. But while I’m still finding my footing in my new state, I realize there’s an awful lot to love.

So when it came to creating a setting for my new novel, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that it would be set in Southern Ohio.

Just a disclaimer — the novel is not set in the city I live in. It’s not set in any specific small Ohio city. And yet, it is set in all of them.

When Frankie Bonetti relocates to Port Arthur, Ohio, she discovers many things that delight her; down-home family diners and cute shops to poke around in. She finds beautiful churches, and places to get amazing cups of coffee. Her new Main Street is charming, complete with a renovated 1930s theater.



As she settles into her fixer upper, she finds that people are neighborly in Port Arthur. They are the kind of people who bring each other hot meals and sometimes kittens. They are loyal beyond belief to their sports teams. And while they have their differences, there is a prevailing sense that they are all in it together.

While the same can be said for small cities all across the nation, there’s something about Ohio that just seems so All-American. Far from the perfect town, Port Arthur represents every town, and the struggles of its people are the struggles of people everywhere. Frankie’s old house is my old house, and it’s your old house, too.


As strange as it may seem, fictional people and their towns have to be more real than those in real life. So in striving to create a real story with real people, I needed a real setting.

And life doesn’t get much more real than here.


sunset cove

They were connected by a nightmare,
and bound together by a dream.

Sunset Cove had always seemed too limited, too impoverished for waitress Lacy Kennedy. Desperately in search of a better life, she’s left trouble behind and worked hard toward the dream of opening her own bakery. No way she’s ever going to let anyone drag her back into the
nightmare of her past—not even a man as captivating as Chase Alexander.

From foster child to police officer, Chase has traveled a long road back to Sunset Cove, carrying with him the kind of news he knows will make Lacy hate him. Despite her icy exterior, he’s drawn to her in a way he never expected—a way that makes him dream of new beginnings, of pasts forgiven … of love on the lake.

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Coming Soon!

When I set out, more than twelve months ago, to write the third installment in my Love on the Lake series, I had no idea what an undertaking it woud be. Aside from the usual distractions of work, running a household, and being a mother, life got in the way in some very unforseen ways. There were family illnesses, personal illnesses, financial difficulties, and even some broken bones. There were happy distractions, too, as my son entered his senior year of high school. There were senior portraits to sit for, varsity sports competitions to cheer at, and colleges to look into. That being said, Sunset Cove was a very challenging book to write. As much as I enjoyed creating these characters and their stories, it took a lot of time and perseverence to get from Chapter One to those glorious words, “The End.” Thanks for your patience, dear readers. I hope you will think Sunset Cove was worth the wait!

Sunset Cove

When the undercover drug operation he is in charge of goes horribly wrong, New York City police officer Chase Alexander turns in his badge and returns to his hometown of Sunset Cove, an emotionally bankrupt man. Desperate to put the past behind him, he takes a job as manager at Shadow Lake Campground and tries to get on with his life. But when the Shadow Lake community is plagued by a rash of drug-related burglaries, Chase feels compelled to get involved, hoping his success in eliminating the drug threat from his home town will help him come to terms with his past failures. He enlists the help of Lacy Kennedy, the beautiful, headstrong waitress at the local diner. She reluctantly agrees to be his eyes and ears in the community, unaware that Chase has a hidden agenda, that she is, in part, the reason for his return. For little does Lacy know that it is only in helping to make her dreams come true that Chase can truly redeem himself.

 On the other side of the lake …

Life has not always been easy for Polly Church. The young bride of an abusive husband, she spent her life living in fear, never knowing the meaning of true love. Freed from Benny’s cruelty by his death, sixty-year-old Polly finally finds peace. A certified wildlife rehabilitator, she lives out her retirement years in her secluded cottage on Shadow Lake, taking pleasure in the blue birds that share her four country acres. But Polly’s placid existence is shattered when she finds herself faced with the challenge of raising her drug addict sister’s teenaged daughter, Wendy. As her relationship with Wendy deteriorates and her health unexpectedly falls apart, Polly finds solace in her lifelong friend, Sammy Delaney. When Sammy hints that he would like more than friendship, Polly is reluctant to take a chance on romance. But though it sometimes arrives when least expected, Polly learns that love always arrives when it is needed the most. With Sammy’s help, Polly discovers hope, wholeness, and the healing power… of love on the lake.

Sunset Cove, Book #3 in the Love on the Lake series coming soon!